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LG INR18650-HG2 is used for batterypacks (e-bike, powerbank, powertools,...) and vapers.Ex..
€4.99 Ex Tax:€4.12
This battery has been discontinued, last stock!The Nitecore INR21700 li-Ion Battery is a p..
€29.95 Ex Tax:€24.75
Handy silicone battery holder to safely store a maximum of 4 li-ion batteries.Nitecore NBM..
€6.99 Ex Tax:€5.78
Nitecore NL1826 Li-ion 18650 battery with 2600 mAh capacity can be used in Nitecore, ..
€14.99 Ex Tax:€12.39
Sony Konion 18650 2600 mAh li-ion battery - US18650VTC5..
€4.99 Ex Tax:€4.12
Xtar 16340 li-ion batteries are 3.7 volts, 34 mm long and 16 mm in diameter, 16340 batteri..
€7.99 Ex Tax:€6.60
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